Posture Meditation

Posture Meditation

This Posture meditation article is our third one on Vipassana meditation. To make the background, it is important to refer previous article on Vipassana meditation. Posture Meditation is the literature translation of the Pali word “Iriyapatha Pabba”. It is the second section of Kayanupassana Meditation in Satara Satipattana Sutta. Or it can be considered as …

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Vipassana Meditation

Vipassana meditation

In the previous article on Buddhist Meditation I described about three types of meditations and I explained only the first kind among them. That means “Samata Meditation”(Concentration meditation). In this article I hope to explain about “Vipassana Meditation”(Insight meditation).   What is Vipassana Meditation For 45 years following his Enlightenment until his passing away, the …

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The Buddha

The Buddha

Sir Albert Einstein, one of the world famous scientist, has said that “In an age when Science has advanced, the only doctrine, the Science cannot contradict, is the teaching of the Gouthama Buddha”. Further he has said that “A religion without Science is lame and Science without religion is blind”. Before explain about the enlightenment …

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