Human Evolution

Human evolution

Buddhism is a great philosophy, which includes advanced scientific theories. In here Buddhism view on Human evolution has given new path to modern science. According to Buddhism Human evolution is not Earth’s own process, it is a universally process.

There are two main opinions among scientists regarding Evolution of the life.

  1. The life on Earth, evolved according to its own process.
  2. The Life on Earth is originated from another planet.

Human evolution is concerned as the process that human beings developed on the earth from now to extinct primates. We are considered as Homo sapiens. Further, it is considered as that, we are evolved from the first up-right walking species in Africa.  It goes back more than 3.5 million years. Therefore, according to this concept we are the only living members of the human tribe.  As zoologists say, there might be other species of Homo, that means our species also lived in the past such as Ardipithecus, Australopithecus or at least other member of genus the Neanderthal.

Further, there is other concept that apelike primates. We and other extinct hominis are somehow related to apes. “The father of the Evolution” Charles Darwin, says this concept as “man was evolved from the Apes”. According to his evolution theory, beings evaluate very slowly. As Darwin says, from the first being to decent beings’ evolution takes billions of years. But, according to estimates of scientists the origination time period of the earth is not enough to happen such evolution. Further if such evolution happens there should be middle-evolved segment. For instance, among apes that evolved from fish, there is no middle-evolved being.  Among human who evolved from apes, there is no middle-evolved being. That means, there is a missing link between human and apes. According to such points, some scientists say that there are some mistakes in Darwin’s concept.

Human Evelution

However, his theory was that, new species arises naturally, by a process of evolution, rather than having been created immutable by god.

When we talk about the second opinion regarding the life on Earth, it arises doughty on Darwin’s theory. Therefore, the concept of “the origin of the earth from another planet” takes new turn.

Dr. Chandra Wickramasinghe with Dr. Hoyle has published their controversial discoveries which indicates life on Earth came from other worlds. Further they say that, deposited on the earth encased in stellar debris including comets. Their all disclosures are included in the book “Life on Earth came from other Planets”.


Human Evolution in Buddhism

However, next we see the Buddha’s view regarding Human evolution.

As the greatest teacher, the sublime truths explained by the Buddha, through insight or direct spiritual experience, coincide with the results obtained by science. This does not confirm that Dhamma expounded by the results obtained by the Buddha is a scientific system of thought. The Buddha as a great Master, achieved illumination from a path, quite opposed to those of science. The Buddha declared the way to proceed inwards. It is a way of simplification, and investigation problem ceases to exist therein. Problems become more complicated and multiplied, when science proceed outwards.

The Buddha has graded man and the cosmos, into three planes of being.

  • The realm of Arupa- This means the immaterial.
  • The realm of Rupa- This means the finer materials.
  • The realm of Kama- This means the sensuous.

Everything in nature, from the cosmos to the planet, and from man to the smallest grain, is interpenetrated by these three realms.

Story in Agganna Sutta

Simultaneously, we live and function in many dimensions on parallel worlds. Life is spiritual at its source. The cosmos man, first appeared in the higher realms as spiritual beings. The Buddha expounded that the spiritual man first appeared from “Abassara” one of the worlds of the finer material realm, the abode of the radiant beings. This story is in the “Agganna Sutta” of Digha Nikaya describes as follow.

These beings have some powers,

  • Digha jivi – have long life
  • Sayan prabha – radiant
  • Priti bhakka – food is delight
  • Akasacari – no corporeality

In the realm of immaterial, beings are mere streak of light, flitting hither and tither, communicating with each other in color vibrations and in music in the ether. These beings, transmigrate in the lower planes, including the sensuous, is mind born. When the spiritual being, as a spark of radiant energy, pass through the realms of immaterial and finer material. He wears the garments of attachments, anger and ignorance relevant to those realms. At the end of each world cycle, when the life waves ceases to exist on the earth, beings go back to the “Abassara” world, in the realm of finer material. Life is in Flux, impermanent and not eternal. The central law expounded by the Buddha is a complete presentation of the past, the present, and the future, as well as here and now.

In the cosmos, powerful rays are radiated in every direction by trillions of stars, constellation and solar systems. These rays are of a different mineral composition to each other. These rays are reflected back from each heavenly body they strike. Their clash and interaction produce chemical creations of varying quality. Every rotating star cuts through these rays in spirals. The subtle elements of these radiations are same as those forming the Earth. A few millions of these dancing particles propelling through space, trace in ethers, countless designs that are found in nature. In order to produce a pre-planned interaction between star, planet and man. These particles dance along radiations. They dance into rhythms, which makes sound, form and movements.

In addition to its natural sound impressions, a sound is capable of calling forth impressions of light and color. An audible sound is but, a subjective color, and a perceptible color but, an audible sound. Both proceed from the potential substance ether. Every note of a musical instrument produces a different color. Every human emotion too. It is reflected in the aura by corresponding colors. These are sensed and felt rather than perceived.



The manifestation of the body

The nerves of the human body vibrate in correspondence with various emotions. It produces undulations in the psychic aura, which result in chromatic effects. The human nervous system as a whole, is a harp rendering to the impact of the vital force. It manifests the subtlest shades of the individual character in color phenomena. When the nervous vibrations force these intense energies, to come into vibratory relation with a finer material element, sound results. This confirms the relationship between the micro-cosmic and macro-cosmic force. The whole cosmos is a grand colorful orchestra.

The gradual growth of the illusory that means self of being, takes place in the higher spheres of the spiritual, intuitional and emotional. In its decent, the qualities and attributes of energy and matter are first manifested in the illusory self. The personality of being, is manifested in the lower spheres of the mental, astral, ethereal and physical of the realm of the finer material and sensors. These interpenetrating three realms denotes the three sets of energy networks, which is related to the qualities within the vibrational field of existence. We experience these as energetic substrata of our emotions, sensory perceptions and motor responses throughout physical form. And it is not only as grosser phase of matter. These were crudely translated as elements.  

The manifestation of the ethereal body in the realm of finer materiel is the blueprint out of which the gross physical body of the realm of sensors is formed. The energy flows through the elements in their subaltern states. It contains within in the major mental groups. In their subaltern form, these centers relate to the elements. When energy comes into contact with each of the elements, its vibration is subtlety modified manifesting the five energies.

These combined energy systems provide the row material of the super sensible organs of the finer material and immaterial bodies. All the physical organs are maintained in their form and shape by the vibrations of the immaterial body and responsible for nutrition growth and reproduction. The illusory self is the organizing principle in a field of consciousness. The exact shape of living things, depend on responses to a previously shaped field. All living organisms possess an organizing electric filed. All these phenomena manifested in the three realms can be defined as “knot in the Samsaric” consciousness as attested by the Dhamma.


Evidence in Pottapada Sutta

In Diga NIkaya. “Pottapada Sutta” the Buddha has used the Pali word “Araja Kaya” to define the sensuous, grosser body of man.

This Pali word means that A body came into manifestation out of the impure and grosser radiations. What is visible is the result of invisible causes. Therefore, what is invisible is more real and powerful than the visible. 

That’s why the Buddha did not answer Pottapada’s following questions

  1. Ha asked that is the world eternal or not eternal?
  2. He asked that the world finite of infinite?
  3. He asked that is soul same as the body?
  4. He asked that Does the Buddha exist after death or does he not exist after death?

Why the Buddha did not answer these questions? Because it is not conductive to the purpose, not conductive to the Dhamma and not the way to embark on the holy life. As well as it does not lead to disenchantment, to dispassion, to cessation, to attainment of higher knowledge, to calm, to enlightenment and to Nibbana

Arunavati Sutta

In here I would like turn to other point about, solar systems according to Buddhism. when we talk about we can use “Arunavati Sutta” in Samyukta NIkaya. Many people are interested in this point. There are many disclosures regarding solar systems. According to the extent in which our solar and moon (Milky Way), travels and spreads the lights to various directions called “Sahassi Loka Dhatu. Which contains thousands world systems contain, thousands human realms, six thousand divine realms, thousands of Brahma realm and other realms which are attached to it. like this there are “Dvi Sahassi Loka Dhatu” and “Tri Sahassi Loka Dhatu”. Which means thousands of thousand milky ways in the universe.

Then, can we discover about universe. Is there is end? No, definitely no. that’s why the Buddha did not answer Pottapada’s questions of that is the world is external or internal, is the world is finite or infinite? 

In this Arunavati Sutta, the Buddha has described about Brahma realms. According to previous explanation on “Agganna Sutta”, It can confirm more and more that, the spiritual man first appeared from realm of a Brahma named “Abassara”.

 Finally, you have free inquiry of think about Buddha’s these disclosures regarding human evolution.

Get in touch. Stay safe. May triple gems bless you..!


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“Just as the rain does not destroy through a well-established house, so attachments never penetrate a well-developed mind”

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  1. In the Prajna Pramitta, it is clarified that there is no arising or ceasing, no Buddha, nothing to be attained, or lost, nothing arising, or ceasing… this is why he did not answer, because, all such views are false and dualistic, and not answerable for a non dualistic awakened mind. If the question is based in wrong view, then the answer cannot be given. I think Pottapada needed to understand the Heart Sutra, and such questions would not arise, or if they did, would be cast aside by the practitioner, knowing that it is illusory dualistic dream thinking. There is no universe outside of our minds, nor is there a beginning, an end, nor the lack of a beginning or an end, there is no birth or death, only the illusion of such. Not that this is my experience, it is the experience that is only known to Enlivghtened Buddhas.

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