Health is Wealth

Health is wealth

“Arogya parama laba”, is a noble quote, which has preached by the Buddha. This saying means ‘‘health is wealth”. This epigram is of universal acclaim and contains everlasting wisdom and usefulness. This may be a bit strange or awkward to the young ones as they may not have the necessity or talent to understand. The Prime Truth behind it or as they have just begun their inquisitive life full of senses and yet to inquire into the dark side of real suffering in life.  But it may not be interested or able to improve their minds with abstract things.

In order to realize the importance of these words, one must try to investigate it in relation to other aspects of life. For instance; an ambitious person may feel that the purpose of life is none other than earning money or accumulating wealth, or social status gained through wealth or otherwise. One who is deeply leaded by vendetta may think that the motive of his life depends on taking revenge from his enemies. But when such a person falls ill, what he longs for over all other things is his immediate recovery.

According to the Buddha’s teaching, Bhikkus are refrain from having solid meals in the evening. The truth behind this commandment is the upkeep of good health. This can easily be understood when we think of its relevance to medical advice given to victims. For instance; for high blood pressure or diabetes that they should have a light diet at night. The Buddha has preached this before more than 2500 years ago. One who takes a light diet at night enjoys sound sleep which in turn tends to promote good health.

What is the greatest disease?

Usually, taking wholesome food is a vital factor in one’s good health. It is founded in catechetical from in Buddhist scriptures in reply to the question, what is the one principle of life? The Buddha’s answer was “Food is the sustenance of all beings.”

“sabbe satta aharatthika”

“all living beings subsist on food”. That means, all life including the Buddha depend on food. So it is explained in Buddhism that, edible food is the vital nutriment sustaining life.

“jighaca parama roga”

“hunger is the greatest disease.” Hunger is the first. It effects on our health. That means for a good mentally and physically health, need a well balanced diet. All human beings and insects gather, store food, provisions for future use. Most essential foodstuff quench our hunger and beverages quench our thirst. Eating and drinking are necessities of life. But we should be moderate. If we follow this teaching, we can lead useful and healthy lives to the betterment of society we live in. Then you can say that health is wealth which you earnt.

Use this basis for confirm that health is wealth

The basis of good health is three types.

1. Physical upkeep

This means the edible of food as explained above. The following ingredients are urgently needed for the growth of the human body.

  • Food
  • Energy
  • Fat
  • Carbohydrates
  • Minerals
  • Water
  • Vitamins

Where good health gains from the Beta Carotifine, Vitamin D, E, C, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B8, Vitamin B, Folic acid, Thiamine riboflavin, Niacin Biotin, Pantothenic Acid and Choline, Calcium phosphorous, magnesium Zinc, Copper Manganese Sodium, Potassium Chloride and so on. These ingredients are powerful resources and requirements of our daily life.Health is Wealth

But we should take proportionately. For instance; in one occasion King Pasenadi Kosala was subject to much discomfort by over-eating. He cannot control his meals. The Buddha advised him to be moderate in eating.

“Middhi yada hoti mahagghasoca

Niddayita samparivattisayi

Mahavarahova nivapaputto

Punappunain gabbham upeti mando.”


“When a silly one is torpid glutonous he feels sleepy.  He rolls about lying like a great hog nourished on pig-wash. He goes to re birth again and again.”

Today, while there is excessive eating in affluent societies but lack of food reigns supreme in the Third World countries. Profit seeking manufacturers of food items display numerous advertisements on the television, internet and social media to our dismay. And foolish followers indulging in those foods perish as a result of various ailments resulting from over eating. Make sure to refrain eating like a pig. Otherwise how your health is wealth?

2. Mental harmony

Secondly, one should strive hard to be in good health by the way of mental harmony. To say that health is wealth, it is essential to having good physical health as well as mental health. For this, one should give up harboring, Ill-well, hatred, jealousy etc. In order to have balance of mind,

“Manasa ce padutthena

Tato nain dukkhamanveti

Cakkam va vahato padain.”

“If one speaks or acts with wicked mind, because of that suffering follows one, as the wheel follows hoof of the draught ox.”

The Buddha is the greatest psychiatrist who has ever been born in the World. He taught the remedy. In the modern world, mental stress has become a common problem. This causes for many physical diseases. With the mental illness, some troubles of digestive system can be happened. Further it can effect for irregular process of women’s menstrual cycle. If one cannot control his ill-will emotions, instantly blood pressure, heartbeat and breathing can be faster and increasing than normal. Because of the imbalance harmonic activation, can be cause for headaches as well as heart attacks.

Raga Sutta in Anguttara Nikaya has categorized diseases according to two types. Those are Physical illness and Mental illness. The Buddha said that, though a person can live one year, two years, three years neither 50 or 100 years without physical illness, except Arahats, all other person cannot live without suffering from mental disorders, at least a moment.

World first classification regarding mental illness, has been done by the Buddha before more than 2500 years ago. The world Health Organization (WHO) has classified diseases according to ICD (International classification of Disease) in the recent history. But the Buddha has preached it before more than 2000 years.

There is a standard classification same as ICD in Dirimukha Jataka in Jataka Story Book. It has 8 categories of mental diseases.

  • Nymphomania – Kama unmada
  • Mania- Kroda unmada
  • Hallucinations- Darshana unmada
  • Mental Retardation- Moha unmada
  • Possession Disorder- Yaksa unmada
  • Melancholia- Pitta unmada
  • Alcohol dependence- Sura unmada
  • Depression- wyasana unmada

In addition to that, there are more 44 diseases has been mentioned in Sallekha Suttta in Majjhima Nikaya. Further, the Buddha has mentioned about diagnosis and absolutely remedy too.

Health is wealth

It is mentioned in Jataka Story Book that some person has retrograde sexual behaviors according to mental disorders.  Bahaiya Jataka says about such 3 sexual behaviors.

  • Unusual desire to see Disposal
  • Unusual desire to see urination
  • Unusual desire regarding fat women

In addition to that, kunala Jataka says about some unusual sexual behaviors related to mental diseases. Those are excessive libido, sneaking out about sex, demonstrating sexuality, sex as a group and desire to sex with disables etc.

At a time, the Buddha said that, every ordinary person (prutajjana) are psychiatric patients. “sabbe putajjana ummattaka.” It is clear when study about 44 diseases in Sallekha Jataka.

Therefore. Though many one healthy in physically, they are mentally ill. World famous British psychologist, Robert H. Thouless said that, early Buddhism is completely a therapy. He has compared the Buddhism with modern phychology and said that, the Aim of the Buddhist psychotherapy is cure the patient present life as well as Samsaric. If it is not done in present life, it will be a burden which should be taken to future births.

That’s why the Buddha inherited us the Buddhist meditation to cure suffering, mental illness and giving peace for mind. It concerned as more effective treatment to people who want to cure mental imbalance, stress and unrest.

Therefore, meditate and give up evil thoughts. Give up jealousy and hatred. A distressed mind ruins your health as well as your whole imagination and blocks the progress of your future. Then the concept of health is wealth is not far to you.

3. Cultivating moral habitats

One ought to cultivate moral habitats like, refraining from adultery and so on in order to live a peaceful and contented life because immoral conduct gives rise to ill-health and the resultant loss of wealth. Ill-well emancipation of body with a lack-luster look, ill-repute and the like.

The Buddha, one day showed his Bhikkus at Savasti, the value of keeping good health by example. This incident is a good example to install a sense of attending on patients too. There was a senior monk in Savasti monastery, named as “Tissa”. He was critically ill with sores all over his body full of pus oozing from them. Thereby, he was named as “Putigatta Tissa Thera”. So that even his student Bhikkus gave up attending on him. On surveying the world, one morning, out of his living kindness, the Buddha saw Tissa Thero. The Buddha saw that Tissa Thera is full of merit to become an Arahat, but incapable of attainting that state due to his suffering. He could not concentrate, his mind since he was in a situation like a coma. So the Buddha boiled a pot of water in the kitchen and tried to carry the bed with Tissa Thera on it. soon other Bhikkus volunteered to carry it out. Thereafter, the Buddha himself washed the body of Tissa Thera and the ailing monk got some relief temporarily, meditated and soon became an Arahat. But, he passed away immediately after, consequent to the expiry of his karma. This story makes it clear that even a potential person cannot attain Arahathood because of ill-health. That’s why health is wealth of anyone.

Moral conduct for a wealthy health

you can keep your body and dress clean. you can have a moral conduct, and you can meditate.

Drink plenty of water per day. Additional water gives vigor, courage, strength and vitality. If you are a patient, consult a physician. If you do not do so you will suffer from loss of memory, unconsciousness and debility. At the same time, take a bath before the sun shines.

Control your speech. Associate with trustworthy friends. Keep your bad friends at arm’s length. Speak clearly and accurately. Others will admire you wherever you go.

Don’t judge people by their appearance. Find over their habits and good qualities. Have an occasional journey.

Fill your heart with unlimited kindness.  Protect the environment. Do not be a burden to others. Never take part in illegal activities. Make a pleasant surrounding. A clean environment it a sine qua noon of good health. Consider these all tips and try to make it as, health is wealth.

Get in touch. Stay Safe.May triple gems bless you..!

health is wealth

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“There is no fire like desire and no crime like loathing. There is no unwell like the aggregates (of existences) and no bills higher than the calm of Nibbana”

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