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The Buddhist way

Gauthama Buddha in his wisdom spelt out in no unmistakable terms the basic principles of natural contracepation & family planning. those could be adopted observed and practiced by all people irrespective of their beliefs. These teachings uttered by the Buddha over 2500 years ago, still has relevance in the electronic age.

In the modern world, people spend much of their time, money and other resources on three subjects. The first one is contraception and family planning, the second one is environment protection and third being the killer disease, the acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome called in short AIDS. But, the world has not found cure for the deadly aliment.

The western institutions and world bodies which are more fashionable by their rational ways of thinking seems to be unaware of the way the Buddha has shown the humanity to overcome sorrow and, enjoy the fruits of freedom and pleasure. But we should understand, the Buddhist teaching for all mankind. The teachings are not limited to an area, where the truth was reveled first. Nor is the Dhamma (Theravada Buddhism) belongs to the Sinhala people only. Buddha Dhamma belongs to all people and the benefits of the sublime teaching should be made available to all being.

Mind is the forerunner

When we look at the present society, contraception has commercialized as birth control as something that has to be practiced exclusively by artificial means. The main reason for this sadness of affairs is that the world gives no place for the mind.
Lord Buddha is the first and the only religions teacher who proclaimed the supremacy of the mind.

‘’ mano pubbangama dhamma. Mano setta manomaya’’

‘’ Mind is the forerunner of all actions. Mind leads and create all deeds.’’
Therefore, if someone speaks or acts with a corrupt mind, suffering follows.
‘’ as the wheel follows the hoof on ox pulling a cart ‘’.

If one speaks or acts with serene mind, happiness follow, as surely as one’s shadow.


Self-discipline is the best natural contracepation/family planning

The family planning principle, Buddhist doctrine prescribes to Natural contracepation is self-control. Controlling one’s self through disciplining of the sense organs. The disciplining of sex organs brings no after effects. Nor does it cause side effects. Self-discipline and control of the sense organs can be applied in any part of the world.

Buddha Dhamma shows the best and the easiest and the most practiced and the effective way of natural contracepation/family planning which helps to make not only the users of this method happy, but also the society which will not be over burdened with people.

Particularly the women suffering from offer effects and side effects of using pill and the artificial devices to prevent a child being born into society, which is a heinous crime. Such artificial means only help the commercial establishments who manufacture and market those objects at the expense of morality.


Why Psychological health is important for cantracepation..?

To control our physical actions, we have to control our mind. We can control our thoughts and clam ourselves by meditating. Meditating is not difficult one. In a quite location we can practice meditate. By meditating we should refresh our mind. Otherwise, with our busy day to day life routines we can’t keep a clam mind. Regular meditating lowers the breathing rate and decreases the levels of lactate, a chemical associated with muscular tension as well as it makes the body less response to the stress hormone and adrenaline. Then inside hormone process also operates regularly. It helps to keep your physical health. (for practicing meditate easily and properly, refer this)



Good Habitats for family planning / contraception

When we consider our habitats, the most important ingredients are the wholesome thought, pleasant speech and right action. These three aspects can be cultivated only humans not animals. They are interrelated, they are neither isolated nor can they be separated. Ven. Dr. Hamalava Saddhatissa Tero in ‘’ Buddhist ethics ‘’ has mentioned following quote.

‘’ abstain from killing, lying, staling and sexual offences, avoiding offences, committed through impulse, hatred, delusion or fear, abstinence from drinking and merry-making, from attendance at fairs, associating with bad companions, the avoiding of idleness, the avoiding of enemies posing as friends, the caring for parents, teachers, sons, wife, friends and advisors, servants and workers, samanas and brhamanas ‘’

The home starts with parents and children. At home the parents are required to lead an exemplary life so that the children could easily emulate them. When parents adhere to a particular way of life, the children naturally follow their footsteps and a greater solidarity prevails in the house. The Buddhist family planning is aimed at making man a whole man and not to destroy man from its embryonic state.

Think a moment

According to above explanations, it is clear that the best way of natural contracepation is our self-discipline. We should give the priority to our mind to control our senses. Without free and clam mind we can’t do anything. It will not bring you a pain like abortions. As the another part of family planning, we should be exemplary for others. We have a responsible to build a good family, because the family is the smallest unit in a society. As a foundation can decide the lasting of a house, a family can be cause to mess up a society. Your family id your world. Fulfill your responsibility.

Get in touch. Stay safe. May triple gems bless you..!

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“The demean only increases for those who are arrogant and thoughtless, who leave undone what should be done and do what should not be done”

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