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What Is Buddhism?

The society today has become a more competitive and busy with human activities. Most of the people want to gather money & treasure rather than others. In here, the modern world has completely gone blind. Sensual pleasure has come to the forefront and spiritual knowledge and pleasure is mostly forgotten. The society today is forced with many Obstacles, Crisis, Stress & Unrest. Almost the whole world is in deep social & psychological turmoil. The real truth is depression and the unrest is mostly accepted, as they are away from practicing the “Dhamma” in real sense. We bring suffering on ourselves by what we read, watch, eat, drink & how we work. Both material and spiritual progress are essential for our development. It is only as human being, that we can understand and apply the teachings to our present situation. We all have strengths and weaknesses. By understanding and practicing Dhamma we can transform our internal negative tendencies and develop qualities of patience, skillfulness, wisdom and compassion. It is the natural law, was realized understood and taught by the Lord Buddha. Simply, the Buddhism can be recognized as a living tradition. Its teachings are handed down to us to study and contemplate throughout our daily lives.

Dependent origination

Sri Lankan Society

Sri Lanka as a Buddhism country, we Buddhists has strictly linked with our living tradition. It dates back around 2500 years. Christians, Tamils & Muslims and other religious live in here. We haven’t numerous conflicts based on race, religion, polities, ecology, and even ideology. Based on Buddhism every religion lives in peace. Though Sri Lanka is not rich from money, our wealth is happiness, which gain from our simple traditional lifestyle. We have a reputation for hospitality because of our social orientation, care & empathy. Once you travel here, you can see World famous “Sri Lankan Smile” everywhere around our motherland.

Why We Do This?

As young generation in the modern world we also have to face many Obstacles, Crisis in our life when we trying to reach our life goals. When we success, we feel happy, when we fail we feel sad, jealous & angry. It’s the nature of an ordinary man. According to Buddhism, we should depend on ourselves not on others like gods. We are the gods ourselves. ” Aththahi Aththano natho. Kohi natho parosiya”. We should live in understanding and equanimity. Our responsibility is to transform our

Suffering. So that, we can transform the suffering in these around us. So the “Dhamma” is a wonderful blessing for us. As Buddhist we are pleasure to share our knowledge and our experiences with you throughout our simple articles. We hope that these articles will help you to attend to the “Dhamma”, gain endless and boundless HAPPINESS.


Stay with us. May triple Gem bless you!
BA-University of Rajarata
(Buddhism & Buddhist Culture)
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