Path to the boundless happiness

‘’subject to decay are all compounded things. Make your own salvation without delay.’’

Meet the Noble Teachings


1. The Dhamma

Dhamma is the teaching of Buddha. It is the essence of Buddhism. It is the reality around us, it is the path way to boundless happiness.

2. Buddhist meditation

Buddhist meditation is the first step to calm and concentrate the mind. It is the foundation to investigate the reality and develop the insight.

3. Dhamma for day to day life

The Buddha inherited his teaching to the world, for moral conduct, listen, grasp & safeguard the Dhamma. This is the way to living happily. By applying these teachings for our day to day life, we can achieve the noble happiness.

This Is Why

You Should live with Dhamma

one who lives with dhamma, will be protected by the dhamma

“Dhammo hawe rakkhati dharmachari” – The Buddha

A Few Words About Buddhist Philosophy

Buddhism, as a philosophy, is unique in many ways. The founder of Buddhism, the Great master, the Buddha, as its founder has appealed to the judicious and critical exercise of human intelligence. He adopted a ruthless (almost clinical) method of analyzing the meaning and reality of life and the universe. It is a manner which would satisfy modern exponents of psychology and other behavioral sciences. On the Buddha’s assessment, it is a way of life that offered solace and confidence to beleaguered humanity.

The Buddha, was a man-one who didn’t claim to be anyone other than man. He differed from others only in that he was “an enlightened man”. He preached his own teachings, the Dhamma, for 45 years. As the supreme teacher he has shown us the way to free ourselves from suffering, revealing a path leading to peace and happiness. That’s why his last words on the earth was, “strive diligently, for all phenomena are transient”.

According to the great Master, every person has a potential to become perfect and get rid of this painful material world. Therefore, our responsibility is to develop our minds, awareness of all our mental and physical actions to gain ultimate happiness. Then we can understand the truth of ourselves and the world. By Discovering the “Dhamma”, Buddha’s teachings & practicing Meditation we can transform the sufferings those around us. Let’s try to be free from suffering.

Ehipassiko” – Come and see the Dhamma..!


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